All prints are available in small, medium or large. Prints can be on Canvas or Art paper and rolled for transport.

They will need to be framed by your framer.

Canvas gives a modern look, and can have the 

frame behind, so that it is not visible on the front. There is overlap to cover the sides of painting.

Art paper will need to be framed behind glass, with a front frame. This gives the opportunity to pick up a color

 from the painting and have a cardboard matting around the inside of the frame with a frame to match your decor.

Play with prints - Prints can have simple hue color changes to add variation

 or pick up a color in your decor.

For exampe- Tinaroo Sunset No 3, has been reproduced in brown hues and purple hues. Original painting color is Blue .



Small  -  $95 per print

Medium   $125 per print

Large    $165 per print

Postage - within Australia - Additional $20. International - Additional $35 (up to 2 prints can fit in the same package for this price)


SIZES  - will vary in line with the size and shape of the original painting as a percentage factor to keep the image in the proper perspective.

(Approx -- Small 40x40cm / Medium 60 x 60 cm/ Large 70x70cm. This is for a square painting, rectangle is going to be different shape but approx guide)

HOW TO BUY - Use our contact us page to email your order. I will send you Bank account details and once payment is received, your order will be received within 21 days. If you need it sooner for a special occassion, contact me and I will let you know if it is possible to get it to you faster.

The available prints are - Tinaroo Sunset No 3, Tinaroo Sunset No. 5, Tinaroo Sunset No.1, Wild Horses, Australian Journeys No 1, Australian Journeys No.2,   Flowers in the rainforest, She loves me..not, Three's a crowd, Hindsight, Cane Harvest, Black Judy's Paella ,Red Arrow, Gillies Range, ( listed in order of images as per below.) 


Feel free to ask about prints of other paintings as although they are not currently available for immediate purchase, it is possible that they will be in the future.





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