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Eve Jorgensen Art

/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-sunset-horses-9592-jpg/ Wild Horses 2011(prints avail) $595 /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-a6953-heliconia-ginger-jpg/ Flowers in the rainforest 2004, Oil on Canvas (original SOLD- Prints Available)
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-aust-journeys-bushfire-no-1-2013-jpg/ Australian Journeys - Bushfire No 1 Acrylic on Canvas- 2013 76 x 102 cm $895 /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-australian-journeys-bushfire-no-2-2013-jpg/ Australian Journeys - Bushfire No. 2, Acrylic on Canvas - 2013 76 x 102 cm $895
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-aust-journeys-bushfire-no-3-2013-jpg/ Australian Journeys - Bushfire No. 3 - 2013 102 x 76 cm $895, Acrylic on Canvas /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-forest-road-01-10605-auts-journeys-no-2-jpg1/ Australian Journeys No 1(Original SOLD- Prints Available) - Acrylic on Canvas
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-forest-road-02-10605-aust-journeys-no-1-jpg1/ Australian Journeys, No. 2(Original SOLD_Prints available) Acrylic on Canvas /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-img-1894-jpg/ Australian Journeys No. 4, Acrylic on Canvas - 2013 76 x 102 cm $895
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-img-1974t-jpg/ Australian Journeys, No 3 - 2013 76 x 102 cm $895 /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-img-1525-jpg/ Tinaroo Sunset No 4 2012- Acrylic on Canvas (prints avail) $ 695
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-tinaroo-sunset-no-4-jpg/ Tinaroo Sunset No 3 2012(Original SOLD- Prints Available) /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-tinaroo-sunset-no-3-jpg/ Tinaroo Sunset No 2. 2011, Acrylic on Canvas(Original SOLD - prints available),
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-img-1314p-jpg/ Tinaroo Sunset No 1 2011 - $ 395 /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-img-1841-1-jpg/ Tinaroo Sunset No 5 - 2013, Acrylic on Canvas $495
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-img-1899-jpg/ Tinaroo Sunset No. 6- 2013 - acrylic on Canvas $895 (prints avail) /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-img-1961-tinaroo-no-7-jpg/ Tinaroo No. 7 , Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD 2013
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-sailing-nth-qld-jpeg-jpg/ Sunset Sailing No 3. 2012 - Sold /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-img-1427-jpg/ Sunset Sailing No 1 - 2012 - 120 x 60 cm .Acrylic on Canvas $595
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-img-1435-jpg/ Sunset sailing 2012 (Original SOLD- no prints) /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-islander-woman-cooking-jpg/ Black Judys Paella 2009 - Oil on Canvas (Original SOLD-Prints available)
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-a6835-three-horsemen-jpg/ Hindsight 2002, Oil on Canvas, (Original SOLD-Prints Available) /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-a6953-threes-a-crowd-jpg/ Threes a crowd 2001- Oil on Canvas (Oringinal SOLD-prints available)
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-a6953-she-loves-me-jpg/ She loves me..not .2001, Oil on Canvas SOLD (prints avail) /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-a7991-01-steps-and-fig-tree-jpg/ Red Arrow 2009, Oil on Canvas $495 (with timber frame)
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-boot-and-hat-8501-jpg/ Hardened Soles - 2010, Oil on Canvas(Original Gifted to QLD State Gov - Prints Available) /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-range-road-8501-jpg/ Gilles Range 2010 -$495
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-nth-qld-cane-fields-no-5-2012-jpg/ Nth Qld Cane fields - No 5 - 2012. Oil on Canvas, 61 x 61 cm $395 /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-a6835-caneharvester-jpg/ Cane Harvest 2007 . Oil on Canvas - 80 x 80 cm $500
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-oct-07-020-jpg/ Cane Farms No. 2- Oil on Canvas, 2007 /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-oct-07-016-jpg/ Cane Farms N0. 1 2007
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-oct-07-005-jpg/ Horses - Oil on Canvas, 2007 /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-oct-07-013-jpg/ Cow in landscape -Oil on Canvas- 2007
/album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-horse-canefields-jpg/ Canfields No 3 Oil on Canvas,(Original SOLD-prints available) /album/pt-eve-jorgensen-art/pt-dsc-0661-2-jpg/
Itens: 1 - 34 de 34

Eve Jorgensen Art

Far North Queensland artist,  Eve Jorgensen takes inspiration from the Natural Australian landscapes to develop individual paintings. Capturing the essence of Australian diversity, from the dry dusty stockmans lifestyle to the cane farming heritage. The rich colours capture the essence of the Australian bush, rainforests, beaches, birds, flowers and wildlife. 

Each painting is an individually thought out process. It is not dictated by current fashion and home decor trends. Although Eve is extensively world travelled and has seen many sites around the globe that testify to natures magnificent beauty, Eve is foremost an Australian and all her inspiration and enthusiasm to paint scenes come from the Australian landscape.

I invite you to v iew some of her original works on this site.

Eve's paintings for sale are available for viewing in locations around Cairns and signed "Eve J."

(Some are available as a print which can be rolled for shipping and varied in size ) 

Feel free to ask about any painting, size, medium, whatever.... no obligation. Eve loves that people like her paintings and show an interest in her work. All enquires will be answered. Be assured you will not be hounded or receive any spam mail !

Original paintings vary in size and prices are from around $600 ranging up to approx $2500.(unframed)

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